Crossing the Line in Battleground America
David Butow

Excellent piece. I appreciate you going behind the scenes, so to speak, and sharing your experiences with these two camps. I also want to feel bad for you that you have to do this at all. Your article stresses how divided the country is. Yet, there are other “sides” too. You won’t find them at rallies. They are home, they are spending time with their families, they are at events, they are working. If they could have a campaign sign it would say — “God help us if either one of these two get elected.” Or maybe it would say “I’m done.” Or maybe it would say “I’m tired of selling out my ideals for the lesser of two evils. I’m not going to do it anymore.” This group isn’t large, but I’m willing to bet to growing. If the trends in non-partisan registrations are any indications, there is a growing minority who is just fed up with the fearful empty rhetoric and promises, fed up with politicians who are obviously more concerned with obtaining power for themselves and their cronies, and are fed with being given two crappy choices election after election.

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