Why Clinton’s Slogans Failed (Hard)

Great article. You pointed out a few things I hadn’t thought of. (ie — I’m with her sound like I’m wither.)

Here’s another reason why I think “Love Trumps Hate” didn’t work. When you think of the word “Love” does anyone get an image of Hillary Clinton in their mind? Hillary Clinton brings up many different images, but love isn’t one of them.

And the #ImWithHer hashtag left me with a couple of thoughts — “Yeah, so what?” And “I’m not shocked, you’d vote for any Democrat who was on the ticket. Why is this news?”

The other slogan it brought to mind what this:

Now I know Clinton is anything but stupid, but I couldn’t help but think of the stupid tee-shirt when I saw the hashtag.

Lastly, I think the slogan flopped because of the candidate. When you have a candidate who the public just doesn’t trust or like, a slogan isn’t going to turn the ship around.

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