A new God, not of the empire
Jonas Ellison

Jonas, great article. Thanks for talking about the theology of empire. When I preached on Sunday, I talked about the theology of empire. Herod is a good personification of this theology. The theology of empire lives by lies — Herod lied to the Magi. Lies thrive in empire theology because it lives by the idea that the ends justify the means. Truth has no place in that line of thinking. Herod willingly kills innocents — collateral is our modern terminology. When the ends justify the means, anyone in the way of power is just collateral. This is what the theology of empire is all about. And what the message of Epiphany is really about. Epiphany is a revealing of something — in the usual sense we get to hear revelations of who Jesus is. But the season of Epiphany also reveals who others are in the stories. Sunday’s revelation wasn’t just that Jesus was King of the Jews and divine too. It was the revealing of what empire theology and those who adhere to it are really like.