I quit social media as well and have been thinking of re-opening my accounts… Could you tell me…
Johanna H.

No worries. I now see social media a bit differently. I think of myself a bit different in relation to social media. Social media is like a magnifying glass where things get brought into focus and some things end up showing up really big. For me that means I ask myself this question before I post anything — What is going to be magnified from my post? If I were someone else, and I read what I saw, would I be edified or horrified? I don’t have the right words here, but the closest I can use to describe this is this way — we are each a brand (yes, I know the overused business example, but it works). What message does each of our posts promote about ourselves — a positive message or a message that shows that I am an SOB? Social media ultimately is a marketing tool. Even if I don’t have a business or a cause, I’m still promoting something — maybe a belief, maybe a thought, maybe just a picture of my family. This isn’t the same as being fake and showing a fake, happy-happy, joy-joy version of yourself all the time. Rather, it’s about recognizing who I am and who I am not. I am not the savior of the world — therefore I don’t engage in arguments on social media to point how how wrong someone is (at least that’s the ideal I aim for, although I occasionally fail at that). I don’t post a ton of pictures of my family (although I do post some — but I try to post things that non-family members might actually care about or find interesting, just like I would want to see from my friends.) I don’t like memes very much, so I don’t post them often. (They seem to be cheap shots at an opposing view done in a condescending way — I’m not sure how that is helpful). I do post theological things — but do it in a way that is approachable and doesn’t push people away (I do this because this is a topic that I care about and think about a lot, so my posts are actually helping me think through something I’m thinking about. Bonus if I get a response, especially a thoughtful response. It will help me in my thinking.).

I hope this is helpful. Blessings to you.

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