The Political Cowardice of the Democratic Party
Daniel Johnson

Political parties exist for obtaining power for themselves. They don’t exist to protect the electorate — they never have. Of course the rhetoric sounds nice, but look at the actual results and you’ll see that parties are more interested in self-preservation than anything else.

As as for the use of executive orders to govern — you might want to look for support to more educated conservatives/libertarians/moderates who have been making this argument for a few decades now. They have consistently been upset at the use of executive orders, regardless of who is using them and to what end. If one president can issue an executive order to mandate something, all it takes is another president to change the policy. So much for the rule of law. When executive orders are the primary means of running a government, then the law becomes whatever the person with the pen says it is. And if that’s the definition of tyranny, I don’t know what is.

I welcome your concern and opposition to the use of executive orders to change major policies and hope that your opposition will continue when a Democrat gets elected again.

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