Aam Aadmi Party | The Downfall of Education under AAP Govt

Right school from the very beginning for a child can set the stage for the rest of a child’s academic and professional future. School is the place where the child’s brain gets exposed to a wide range of subjects, cultures and recreation, both in and out of class.

Not a single new school by Kejriwal..Poor facilities in existing Schools

People of Delhi, who looked up with hope and expectations towards Kejriwal-led AAP government, are now feeling deceived by the same AAP, as it has not changed the fate of Delhi at all in the past one year.

As many of the existing primary schools in the National capital lack the basic amenities like appropriate classroom, clean drinking water and toilets; Kejriwal has even failed to transform the primary education system in Delhi. Without chairs and tables, students are seen sitting on carpets or floor, trying hard to write properly as they keep notebooks on their laps. Even classes are being taken in sports area or corridors in some of the Delhi schools, where there are more than 7,500 students studying in two shifts.

AAP’s Manifesto — a failure

Kejriwal in his elaborate manifesto had shown ‘big dream’ to the people of Delhi, as he promised 500 schools and 20 colleges of world class standards, with excellent state-of-the-art amenities and ambience. Out of those 500 schools, 50 ‘model’ schools were also promised, which would be at par with private schools in the Capital city. But, in reality he has failed to build up even a single school even after one year of completion of his governance. Concept of ‘model’ schools is a complete failure.

Students suffer as most of the government schools are either short on teachers or they lack essential amenities’ like computers & labs for practical. Power supply is also erratic. Also, the situation gets worse during the rainy season as most of the schools in Delhi have seeping walls, dripping ceilings, flooded floors and open wiring. Students in most of the schools live their lives in fear, as these open wires can cause electric shock.

Despite of doubled budget, AAP government has not been able to meet its ambitious plan of making Delhi an educational hub. Any idea, where are these funds being spent?

Reasons behind the failure, are AAP government’s time consuming controversies as well as absence of Delhi’s Chief Minister and AAP’s National convener Kejriwal, who is now-a day’s busy either in spreading his wings across Punjab or enjoying his vacations with family out of Delhi.