Are you Crunchy??

A good friend recently referred to me as a “crunchy” mom. I was shocked! I don’t buy anything organic (mainly cause I’m too cheap); nor do I do yoga or make my own anything. There is nothing wrong with being a “crunchy” mom…it just seems like waaaaaay to much work for me. This led me to google What is a crunchy mom? and I found my way to this website {}. It gives a list 47 things you might do if your a “crunchy” mom. Here are a few of my favorites:

You Might be a Crunchy Mom if…

4. You consumed your placenta — when I was pregnant the idea of consuming your placenta was fascinating to me… not because I actually had any intention of doing it, but more so because of the popularity of this growing practice. There is the most common way to consume it, placental encapsulation, but that seems boring. If your going to do it you may as well get creative. Did you know you can use it to make smoothies, lasagna, chili, truffles… Go ahead and google “placenta recipes”….I dare you!

Beef or placenta?

29. You own 2 or more baby wearing devices and know the difference between a wrap, a sling, and a mei tai — Oh baby wearing…where to even begin. This trend, practice, obsession, fetish (choose your word) is EVERYWHERE. I have nothing against baby wearing, it’s more the obsession. I admit I own a baby carrier ~ an Ergo 360. It’s great to use for hiking, the beach and places where the stroller can’t go and my arm strength fails me. I see moms posting about wearing their baby in a wrap while washing dishes, vacuuming and doing laundry. I hate doing these tasks anyway and doing it with a 20 lb baby wiggling around and drooling on me doesn’t make doing the task sound any better. But hey, if it works for you more power to you!

Built in carrier

30.You have a medicine cabinet without medicine in it — This one made me laugh because it applied to me. I strongly believe in the power of medicine (who doesn’t love a little Nyquil?!), but my medicine cabinet just has hair spray, gel, perfume, face wash. I’m sure in my disorganized bathroom basket I could rummage up an allergy pill, advil or maaaaaaybe some cold medicine. However, our family never really gets sick so I guess I have just never had the need to buy any.

33. Your children are on a delayed, selective, or nonexistent vaccination schedule — Not even gonna touch this because I don’t want hate comments on my first blog post…

34. You drink green smoothies or juice your vegetables — A year and a half ago I was inspired to start juicing. I headed to the grocery store to get my produce: carrots, beets, apples, spinach etc. My mom has a Jack Lalanne juicer that has been sitting in the pantry for years so I borrowed that and got to work. Bad idea! It takes about $20 worth of produce to get a glass of juice {maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s not that far off} and the mess it made…WOW…I was cleaning beet juice off the floor, cabinets and walls for weeks. So that was short lived.

Everyone is probably a little bit “crunchy” in their own special way, but if you want to know for sure I found a quiz {cause everyone knows internet quizzes are the best way to get to know yourself}. My results: Natural Living Newbie.

How crunchy are you??

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