2020’s Vibe: Carefree Black Girl, Hair Blowin’ In The Wind

The end of 2019 marked the close of what felt like one of the most socially and culturally transformative decades in recent years. As we said goodbye to the decade that gave us social media, an influx of smartphones, and heightened social awareness, it seemed like everyone in the digital…

Me in a Tulum, Mexico circa 2018. Taking selfies in a restroom that I went to about four times because my fibroids were out of control. Some beach day.

The reproductive system is one of the most complex, politicized branches of human biology. Our knowledge on how to navigate our ever-evolving bodies relies upon our family systems, quality of education, and geographic location. However, reproductive education is usually bare-bones regardless of socioeconomic background. It is far too often lacking…

LaChelle Chrysanne

writer. producer. founder @unpopcultr. host of Day One Fans podcast. Find me on social media at @createdbelle

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