Preprint.Space is a the next iteration of Academic Karma

Academic Karma was the one of the first platforms to focus on open review of preprints, and has helped facilitate this over the past 3 years. We hope it has played its part in normalizing open review of preprints. However, a number of great alternative platforms have emerged recently for open review of preprints.

Preprint.Space focuses on providing pre-submission services to preprint authors

Whereas Academic Karma focused on the reviewer, Preprint.Space aims to maximise the benefits of using preprint servers, particularly with focus on helping authors publish robust results faster using preprints. There are a number of ways we will do this, including

  1. provide a way for authors to flag that their preprint has not yet been submitted to a journal at point of upload to preprint server and they are interested in submission invitations;
  2. provide tools to help authors promote their preprint and solicit feedback from community;
  3. platform for authors to solicit a round of pre-submission peer review with an independent scientist acting as editor; and for sharing this with journal (as well as making reviews open) upon submission;
  4. platform for authors to respond to reviews (helping facilitate portability of reviews between journals);
  5. suggest potential reviewers based on paper keywords;

We will also be entering into partnerships with publishers to help authors maximise the benefits of preprint servers. In the first of these, we are partnering to list all preprints currently undergoing peer review at Gigascience. We also list all preprints which have been published at Gigascience.

On top of this, we are continuing to support the 'reviewer-author' agreements, by which reviewers can enter into an agreement (anonymously and prior to formally accepting review invitation from journal) with authors to review their paper providing authors post a preprint, and make data/code available (or explain why they are unable to do so).