5 things

I love about Japan

Here are just five things I love about beautiful Japan.

1. Public Transport

Japan has the cleanest, friendliest, punctual, easy to use and affordable public train system I have ever experienced.

Trains, bullet trains and subways you can set your watch too. Japans rails rarely go offline, and run punctual with minimal delays. As a tourist this can be sometimes frustrating becoming late to everything as it seems, however it can also be of great use to organise and manage your time while travelling.

On a train with Aaron. @officiallachyn on Instagram.

I remember sitting inside a train heading back from Nara, and looking out a vending machine thinking how much I wanted to run out and purchase an iced coffee.

Aaron looked down at his watch and said “you still have 1 minute and around 50 seconds, easy!”. I sprinted out, grabbed the drink, jumped back in and as he counted down the second the doors closed just behind my back. Just like clockwork!

TIP: Taxi’s are very clean and enjoyable however can be expensive. I suggest only use for transport between train stations and hotels etc.
Gliding over some villages on the speed train.

2. Food

Japan’s traditional food is incredible. Miso soup, sushi (the traditional way!), ramen, okonomiyaki and gyoza are some of my favourite meals to eat and still are since leaving the country. Japans food sizing is smaller than westernised countries; even the KFC has tiny burgers and chips.

105 yen Sushi train ❤

I personally loved the serving sizes, and after the first week I noticed the quality of food and energy I was getting was greater than the serving size.

This resulted in desire for eating less, however because of the weather I was drinking increasingly more fizzy drinks (commonly sold every 5 meters in a vending machine).

TIP: I recommend trying Ramen. (A type of noodle soup)

3. Youth

Young people in japan are extremely passionate and interesting. At first they may seem shy, but with a friendly smile and conversation they really open up. With so much density in population allot of the Japanese youth love to individualise themselves by expressing identity through their hobbies, talents, music and fashion.

I’ve been blessed to make friends with a few young Japanese people who are so much fun to hang out with, and have incredible passion and joy for what makes life fun.

Friends in Sapporo. Thanks for the lift guys! Took bad they dropped me after the snap ;-). @officiallachyn on Instagram.

In Japan as a westerner tourist It can be so easy to make friends, all you have to do is smile and attempt to speak a little Japanese. After a few laughs from your horrible attempt at speaking Japanese you will find them asking questions and wanting to add you on facebook.

Young Japanese love talking with Australian’s and practicing their English, so don’t forget to encourage them at their speaking skills if they seem shy to share!

TIP: Hit up a popular karaoke bar with friends!

4. Culture

I found in Japan the level of service at a McDonalds was usually higher quality and more authentic than a general four-star restaurant in Australia. This work ethic traits of service comes from the incredible set-culture of honor through humbly serving. Jobs in Japan can be difficult to get, especially for young people. However you see again and again, young people serving at a high level with no complaints, and a large smile on their faces.

The service industry is just one example that Japan does at a high level. Japan also has an incredible culture of respect for others, especially those of an elderly age.

The elderly in Japan are treated with respect for wisdom and time of service, rather than in western society where the elderly can be overlooked by citizens.

Japan also has the capital of pop-culture. Cinema, television, music, anime and manga is a great experience in Japan.. Pop culture blends in modern contemporary Japan, and traditional heritage past culture.

Sapporo City. @officiallachyn on Instagram.

5. Nature

Japan has incredible nature. From the white glazed ski slopes up north, to the Kinkaku Ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan is covered with incredible mountains, hills, forests and ice. Most people think of Japan as cities, however over two thirds of Japan is nature.

One of my favorite places is Nara. Here lies Todai-ji Temple and a beautiful surrounding national park filled with deers that you can pat. Nara is a 1 hour train ride from Osaka.

TIP: Check out Nara and pat the deers.
Temple at Nara. @officiallachyn on Instagram.

Enjoy, this incredible country.

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