Learn a Language with Siri

My old code teacher was telling me about a startup for learning English, based on gamification, where you click on the tab with the correct English word. I’ve learned to speak 3 foreign languages and I know it’s not about clicking. It’s about talking. It’s about fear of talking.

Siri, the unembarrassing conversation partner

Apple — Introducing Siri. (Official Commercial HD)

SiriKit, the Siri API, is now open to 3rd party developers (it’s part of iOS10, which came out in autumn 2016). That means we can use vocal recognition in our apps. Siri only understands language that concerns 6 types of activity, but it’s enough to use for basic conversation.

You : Talk to me using MyTalkApp (activates the app)
Siri : Sure, how are you today?
You : OK, tired.
Siri : Which is your favourite coffee place near here?

Concept up for grabs

Siri engages a person in easy conversation in any language, to get you used to speaking.

Apple — Introducing Siri. (Official Commercial HD)
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