Secrets That Women Need to Know When Buying Sandals

Most women desire only two things from their sandals — style and comfort. And it’s surprising how many products fail to match up to even this small a wish list. But we’ve to consider that sandals for women is a vast category. It includes sandals for kids, shoes for girls, sandals for women and what not! Selecting a pair that provides perfect style and comfort with all these options is indeed a hard task.

Sandal for Women — Lacoste

However, there are some ideas you can employ to ensure you buy only the perfect pair. Huddle close and lend an ear to these secrets:

- Know your needs

Never buy a pair just because it was love at first sight. If it is flat sandals, for instance, check whether you’ve enough pairs or not and then decide. Impulse buying will take a hefty toll on your budget for items you don’t even need.

- Try three different sizes before selecting one

Better safe than sorry. Do not go by your shoe size when you shop, go by your feet instead. Shoe sizes vary for different brands and can be misleading. Instead, try on your typical size first and then try a size above and below it as well. This is the flawless way to buy comfortable sandals for women.

- Match with your wardrobe

Even if you come across the best pair of flat sandals, don’t be overenthusiastic! Your sandals should always complement your dress. Spending generous is fine, but be practical — buy versatile. For instance, plainer sandals would go well with vibrant dresses.

- Consider wedge sandals for women

High heels have been known to aggravate conditions like hammertoes, blisters, stress fractures, and sprains among others. For women seeking a height boost without all these risks, wedges are a great option as with the body weight distributed over a larger surface area, the support to the foot is better in wedges.

- Consider your body shape

Just like clothing, not all styles suit all people. One should choose only the pair that best flatters the foot shape and complements the body type. Gladiator sandals for girls are an example which suit most body types. A sandal that creates a slim and graceful line should be your goal.

There is no denying the value of sandals for women, and indeed, they do catch the eye too. However, that doesn’t mean one should compromise on comfort for style. For those who know where to look, plenty of in-budget options with equal style and comfort are available. So grab a pair and dress with flair from head to toe.