Do Something Fun

This past weekend my boyfriend, a musician, had a show in River Falls with a band I had yet been able to see play or even meet. I decided to push aside a few responsibilities in order to make the weekend long trip, and it was fun for most of it. However some events took place and it no longer served the purpose of the assignment (as it stopped being fun). So to make up for this after cleaning the house in preparation for showings this weekend I decided to take a very long, very warm bath fit with bubbles, pizza, and cartoons.

Mind Map

My mind map is as follows, and is only in digital format. It is loose and wanting of detail because my initial draft didnt save as expected-totally my fault- however my intended direction is also loose and wanting detail. I am interested in learning about self medicating in illegal substances, and its affects positive or otherwise. I have known a few people who have chosen this route to combat mental issues and want to delve into the real world affects and impacts of this.


Typical illegal methods of self medication and their impact on the subjects’ lives and those around them.

Difference in opinions surrounding self medication, including subjective and objective ones’.

Instances in which people may choose to self medicate and why they choose that over traditional/legal/approved methods of treatment.

Silly Ideas

Affects of bathing on longevity and mental state. Not bathing for the purpose of hygiene but for leisure.

How driving affects consumers’ health.

Posture as exercise.

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