Cooking Dishes at LaCucina

Finally, we able to able to discuss LaCucina’s greatest innovation, reward boosting NFT Dishes, and the process of cooking them using NFTs as well as our other one-of-a-kind little features. Discover both the beauty of the Dishes and their many benefits.

The Dishes at LaCucina are special NFTs. They are comprised of combinations of Secret Ingredient NFTs, that are cooked together, resulting in a Dish with a multiplier between 1 and 10, that can be carried and applied to any Oven to further increase your rewards further.

Galactic, Mythical, Fruitalicious Pizza with a boosting power of x2.3.

There are four main types of Dish you can create at LaCucina, they are: pizza, pasta, zuppas (Soup) and coming soon gelatos (Ice creams).

Pizza, Pasta and Zuppa (Soup).

The multiplier carried by the Dish is the result of a mathematical operation based on the Nutritions Facts of the Secret Ingredients used in the Dish. Each one of our Secret Ingredients has been meticulously tested and analyzed, giving 7 attributes called Nutritions Facts, these include: Optimals, Plutamins, Cytosids, Methions, Glycords, Nutractives and Strongies.

The values of the Nutritions Facts differ between Secret Ingredients and are correlated with their rarity. The Nutritions Facts have been set in such a way, that the final booster of all the Dishes will always be between 1 and 10, regardless of which Secret Ingredients you are using, the type of Dish you are cooking, or even the amount of Secret Ingredients used.

The mathematical operation guarantees that no matter how you combine the same Secret Ingredients (regardless of order), you will always be rewarded with the same multiplier. The values are set in such a way that the distribution of the Dish boosters will be long-tailed, the high boosters are not easy to obtain. On average we expect most of the Dishes cooked, will come with a multiplier of around 3.

Crimson, Spongey, Hot Pasta with a boosting power of x2.3.

However, as each Dish is a unique NFT, while the multiplier will remain constant if you use the same Secret Ingredients, the actual look of the Dish might vary. Who knows what crazy creations you will cook and create, the variables in the Dish for a pizza are the crust, cheese and sauce, look at the variety of the Dishes produced below.

Variety is the spice of life.

Boost your earnings…

As each Dish is carrying a reward booster, you will need to activate it inside an Oven to increase your proportion of LAC tokens on the liquidity you have provided for. Once the Dish is activated inside an Oven, it cannot be used anywhere else. To use this Dish in an alternative Oven, you will have to deactivate it, allowing you then activate it on a different Oven.

However, many different Dishes can be activated inside an Oven at one time, so if you have both of the above Dishes, the Crimson, Spongey, Hot Pizza with a 2.3x multiplier and the Galactic, Mythical, Fruitalicious Pizza with a 2.3x multiplier, these multipliers will be added together, giving you a 4.6x multiplier. You can still add another Dish increasing your rewards even further.

But it does not stop there either…you can reverse the cooking process as well!

Reverse the cooking process?

Even though Dishes are NFTS, they are non-transferable, meaning you are not able to transfer the Dish or trade it. Nonetheless, as we are dealing with Talien technology, you can always Uncook your Dish, and get back your Secret Ingredients. Meaning, users can uncook a dish and try another combination of Secret Ingredients, or put their Secret Ingredients on LaCucina’s second-hand market, giving other users in the community the chance to cook with them.

Talien Disclaimer: This is outside the scope of this article, the process of Un-cooking involves manipulating the space-time continuum, but do not worry! We can assure you with utmost certainty, that the technology is safe, and the mathematics is sound, so feel free to Uncook.

So that concludes this post regarding Dishes and the process of cooking (and Uncooking) them. We hope you found this both useful and exciting, and we are very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Remember to keep up to date with all pertinent LaCucina announcements.




LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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LaCucina DeFi

LaCucina DeFi

LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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