What is LAC?

LaCucina’s LAC token is an ERC20 token on the BNB Chain (formerly called Binance Smart Chain) (BEP20). It is the platforms main reward token and only utility token.

LAC Token Smart Contract Address:


Getting LAC

There are 2 main ways for anyone to acquire LAC:

Earn LAC

Earning them as rewards for providing liquidity to supported liquidity pools on 3rd party decentralized exchanges. It is important to note that you don’t have to stake anything at LaCucina, nor move your staking anywhere. LaCucina monitors the liquidity pool and tracks all the transactions, and by connecting your wallet at LaCucina, we are then able to find your transactions and reward you accordingly.


Swap LAC

The many usages of LAC

Once you have some LAC, there are many ways they can use it inside the LaCucina platform. First, we will look at LaCucina’s NFT system which is quite unique.

There are 4 main types of NFTs up for sale for LAC in LaCucina. Each type carries a specific function in the platform. You see, in LaCucina NFTs are not just cool pieces of digital art. They have a purpose, real functionality.

For every NFT, there is both a shop to purchase and mint the latest greatest NFT items and a second-hand Market Place used for reselling NFTs on a P2P basis. We will touch on them further down in the article, for now, let’s check out the 4 NFT types and their practical uses.

Cooking with Secret Ingredients NFTs

The first type of functional NFT on our list are the Secret Ingredients NFTs. There will be hundreds of Secret Ingredients available in our shop for LAC, with dozens of new ones minted every week.

We will eventually have countless amounts of Secret Ingredients to choose from, each one not only differing in their appearance but also in their practical uses as well. You can choose from an enormous range, from Phobos Potatoes to Supersonic Salami, or even add some Hubble Gum to the mix, there will always be a Secret Ingredient at LaCucina for everyone.

As stated above, Secret Ingredients have a functional purpose — they are used to cook Reward Boosting Dishes NFTs, which we will touch in a second. Each Secret Ingredient will have a card, demonstrating all the vital details and information about the Secret Ingredients, including their name, their rarity, a description, and their Nutritions Facts. These values are important, and you will soon understand why.

We now move on to our second type of NFT…

Reward Boosting Dishes

When you combine Secret Ingredients NFTs via cooking, you end up with a new type of functional NFT — a dish.The purpose of a dish is to increase your relative share of rewards (LAC tokens) in an Oven, and it does so via the multiplier. Once activated in an Oven, the dish will multiply your relative share of rewards in that Oven. For example, the Squishy, Bulging, Isotopic Zuppa in the example below carries a multiplier of x2.3 and when activated in an Oven, will multiply your relative share of rewards you are getting by x2.3

Each of our Dishes NFTs is constructed of three components. Each component has numerous variations such that when you cook a dish, you will always get a new, unique NFT! For example, a Pizza is made of three components: doughs, cheese, and sauces. So each Pizza will look different.

But the toppings always reflect the Secret Ingredients used to prepare it. This means that if you cook the same dish with the same Secret Ingredients, you are always up for a surprise in terms of how the final dish will look, but it will always reflect the Secret Ingredients used to make it. The same logic applies also for Zuppas (soups) and Pastas.

As mentioned above, each Secret Ingredient has its own nutritional values. When cooking a dish, these values are used to determine the Multiplier of the Dish, which ranges from 1 to 10 . This means that using the same Secret Ingredients will yield the same multiplier, regardless of what Dish you are making. It is important to note that these Dishes are non-transferable NFTs. Nonetheless, a Dish can always be Uncooked so that you can retrieve your Secret Ingredients back and try something else.

The third type of NFT in LaCucina are the Taliens…

Taliens NFTs

Like the LAC token, Taliens are core to LaCucina. Besides being unique and numbered, these profile-picture-NFTs carry some important benefits to their holders in LaCucina. Currently, there is only one series of Taliens, the Genesis Series, but in the future, we will introduce new series. The Genesis Series Talien holders will enjoy the following benefits in LaCucina:

1. They can cook with up to 7 Secret Ingredients per dish, compared with a maximum of 5 for other users.

2. They get 24h early-access to new Secret Ingredients we introduce to our shop. This guarantees that Talien holders will always have a better chance to get new (and perhaps rarer?) Secret Ingredients.

3. Free Uncooking! Genesis Taliens Holders can experiment with cooking stress free, as Uncooking is free for them.

4. Increased voting power — Genesis Taliens Holders voting power is double than regular users voting power!

But there is more that you can do with Talien — you can customize them to your taste and liking. You do that by adding and removing Accessories, which are the last type of NFT in LaCucina.

Taliens Accessories NFT:

Another great way to use your LAC is on Talien Accessories, if you want a Talien with panda ears, wearing a mesh vest, holding a rubber chicken, then look no further than the NFT accessory shop we call the Fashion Centre.

The Fashion Centre

There will be a constant influx of accessories:

  • Head Accessory — Helmets, eyes patches, wigs, glasses, zebra hair, face masks afro braids, hats and more.
  • Holding Item Accessory — Bug catching net, a wizard’s wand, a kitchen knife, Poseidon’s trident, a feather, a spoon, a sword, and even a rubber chicken!
  • Clothing Accessory — Rock and Roll vest, camo shirt, wizard scarf, hippie clothes, cowboy clothes and more.

Customizing your Talien could not be easier, you simply choose a Talien, then select an item from the three Talien accessories categories (Head Accessory, Holding Accessory and Clothes), then finally ‘dress up’ your Talien.

Cooking Benefits

There are also some useful benefits that LAC will grant you during the cooking process, you can do the following:

Speed up Cooking

The cooking of a Dish will take time, how much time is up to the user, as they can expedite the process by increasing the cooking method, but of course, this will cost LAC to do so.

Uncooking Dishes

Uncooking Dishes will also cost LAC tokens. On top of speeding up the cooking process, you can even reverse the cooking process by ‘uncooking’ a Dish. So, for example, if you want to try something a little different with your recently cooked Dish, but have already used all your Secret Ingredients, you can uncook the Dish, returning all your Secret Ingredients and try something different.

Did you know?! Holders of a Genesis Talien (see above) can uncook for free, they do not have to spend LACs when uncooking a dish, meaning they have unlimited opportunities to experiment with their Secret Ingredients, as they try to cook the best reward boosting Dishes.

In Summary

We have studied humans from afar for aeons and discovered humans get bored easily, but we want our humans to be spoilt for choice, with countless options and more customization around every corner of the platform, so humans never get bored.

We Taliens take great pride in the work we have done in creating such versatility and choice for our humans at LaCucina. Every step of the way inside LaCucina, there is always something more you can do with your LAC, especially with a choice of 4 different NFTs and 6 different Market Places.

You can spend your LAC in the New & Exciting shop and choose from weekly new additions of Secret Ingredients to experiment with, creating a variety of different NFT Dishes.

For a little LAC, you will also get special access to our Talien technology, allowing you can even speed up and reverse the cooking process to help you discover the best possible Secret Ingredient combinations as you look to boost your rewards further.

If you want to give your Talien a makeover and mix up their look, you can. With more and more new NFT Accessories being dropped into the Fashion Centre by the week, there will always be something to catch your eye or tickle your fancy.

With so much to see, so much to do, and so much to try, we have never been more excited to launch LaCucina and it is all thanks to our lovable little LAC token, the fuel that makes the impossible, possible.

We hope you found this article both useful and informative, should you have any further questions or queries regarding anything spoken about in today’s article, then please go ahead and read the LAC token section on our shiny new Whitepaper, or you can join our community (Discord & Telegram) and enter the chat.




LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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LaCucina DeFi

LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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