LaCucina: A lot has happened…

A lot has been happening at LaCucina in the last few weeks, all in preparation for LaCucina’s official launch on the 24th of January 2022.

Below we break down some of the most recent and most exciting updates and breakthroughs in our journey to change DeFi. We have everything from extra rewards and rewards for liquidity providers, colossal collaborations and have even set up our very first liquidity pool.

Assembling Automated Marketing Makers…

Partnerships and collaborations in the DeFi ecosystem are crucial to the success of any project and LaCucina is no exception.

We have been busy in the background working closely with numerous projects, automated market makers and decentralized exchanges as we bring about collaborations that will benefits users from both sides.

Bringing the Beef

LaCucina has joined forces with Beefy.Finance, the Automated Market Making project. By partnering up, LaCucina will be setting up Ovens on top of Beefy.Finance’s Vaults.

These Ovens will be hard to miss, as you will only need to look out for the cow to know it’s a Beefy.Finance Oven. This integration will go live as soon as the LaCucina platform goes live on Monday the 24th of January 2021.

Read more about it, here.

MDEX Collaboration

We were also able to announce a new partnership with MDEX, the decentralized platform for cross-chain transactions.

Read more about it, here.

LaCucina’s Initial Liquidity Pool

LaCucina will be establishing the LAC tokens initial liquidity pool at MDEX. Furthermore, for a period of 14 days, the LAC will only be available on MDEX.

This means that once the liquidity pool is live on the MDEX platform, users will be able to purchase the LAC token.

Everyone gets a piece…

These collaborations will give users from both communities (Beefy.Finance & MDEX) something to be excited about as both parties will enjoy the additional rewards.

Users who provide liquidity to our LaCucina liquidity pool will enjoy the rewards from both the MDEX farms, as well as the rewards from LaCucina.

Additionally, users who stake on the Beefy.Finance Vaults that LaCucina supports will not only get rewards for staking their crypto tokens on Vaults on the Beefy.Finance platform, will also be awarded LAC when inside the LaCucina platform via our Ovens and Cooking Plans.

With no extra steps…

There is no additional staking at Lacucina, users do not need to move anything or change their pre-existing staking positions either. To claim their additional rewards at LaCucina, users simply just need to have a wallet connected and look out for the ‘Munch’ button.

Increase your rewards further…

At LaCucina, through our innovative system inside the crypto kitchen, you can easily combine and cook Secret Ingredient NFTs into special non-transferable NFTs — the reward boosting Dishes. All you will need to do then is to activate these NFT Dishes inside an ongoing Oven and you’ll be able to increase your relative share of the rewards, simple.

That’s it for now, we hope you are excited as we are about these recent announcements. A truly brilliant collaboration that will see communities from all sides receive additional rewards effortlessly without any additional steps or changes to their pre-existing staking positions.

Be sure to keep checking in on our social channels (Discord & Telegram) for more information about this partnership in the coming days, as we not only have further information on MDEX, BeeFy.Finance and our Ovens, but also some very exciting announcements regarding our future and other developments, so stay tuned.




LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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LaCucina DeFi

LaCucina DeFi

LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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