Secret Ingredients: NFTs with a purpose!

Next up, continuing from our theme of LaCucina doing things differently, let’s take a look at Secret Ingredients. We will look at what they are, what they do and why you should care.

The Secret Ingredients in LaCucina are NFTs. But not your regular, run of the mill NFTs, these NFTs are more than just some cool looking digital pieces of art for you to collect and brag about. These NFTs actually serve a purpose and carry out a function.

They come from outer space…

The Taliens at LaCucina have been busy sourcing new and exotic Secret Ingredients from all reaches of outer space, and have put together an initial curated list of the best Secret Ingredients available for users to cook, collect, or put even them up for sale on the Market Place.

Secret Ingredients — New & Exciting

Keeping it fresh…

With the constant influx of new Secret Ingredients every week, there will be more opportunities to create different, new, and unseen, reward boosting Dishes, to increase your proportion of the LAC tokens. We will add 20–50 new secret Ingredients every week through our online LaCucina shop, in the New & Exciting section.

Check out our list below of our first initial release of Secret Ingredients!

Be sure to keep checking in on our featured Secret Ingredients so you do not miss out.

Secret Ingredients — Nutritions Facts

Every single Secret Ingredient at LaCucina will come with its very own Nutritions Facts label, detailing 7 attributes about the Secret Ingredients, these include Optimals, Plutamins, Cytosids, Methions, Glycords, Nutractives and Strongies.

Secret Ingredient Nutritions Facts: Gagarin Bread

The values of the Nutritions Facts differ between Secret Ingredients and are correlated with their rarity.

Combine and cook them…

These Secret Ingredients can be combined and cooked into Dishes, which carry a multiplier of 1 to 10 that can be applied to any ongoing Oven. Anyone can combine 2–5 ingredients and cook pizza, pasta or zuppa (soup).

Those lucky few with a Genesis Talien NFT, however, will have the special benefit of combining 2 extra Secret Ingredients to a maximum of 7 per Dish!

Secret Ingredients have another trick up its sleeve, its function does not stop there after being combined with other Secret Ingredients and cooked into a reward boosting NFT Dish.

You can reverse the process…

Yes, thanks to the breakthroughs in Talien Technology, we are now able to manipulate and bend the space-time continuum to reverse the cooking process, returning your cooked Secret Ingredients, back to the original uncooked, raw state. Meaning, users can put their unwanted Secret Ingredients on LaCucina’s second-hand market, giving other users in the community the chance to cook with them.

Galactic, Mythical, Fruitalicious Pizza.

So if you were to uncook the above Galactic, Mythical, Fruitalicious Pizza, you would receive the following Secret Ingredients back:

  • Galactic Chops
  • Mystics Seeds
  • Strawberry Splash

Next up, we have already touched upon this very slightly but in the next post, we will be sinking our teeth into the reward boosting NFT Dishes. We will explore what they are all about, what they do and most importantly, why you should care.




LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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LaCucina DeFi

LaCucina DeFi

LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs. Learn how you can boost rewards with External Farming and Secret Ingredients

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