Maybe You’re Wrong About Participation Trophies Too
John Demma

I saw this story on my Facebook account and was intrigued. When I read it; I was shocked. I traced it back to but I felt their UI for forums is incredibly unfriendly to navigate beyond the first few articles.

So I tracked it back here to post a reply where you can see it.

I did not like how you Michael Moore’d the story(give 1–2 accepted/acknowledged facts and pass half truths the rest of the way to leading the audience it’s all true and to that his conclusion is valid).

Kids love to have fun, period. The fact that your kid is playing fake soccer is merely a play date or having fun. He’s going because it’s “fun” (no one yelling at him or any stress being applied). That is not discipline, nor is it following through with something they started. You are putting complicated life values onto something logically simple. The kid was having fun thus he will continue to go; and he is not learning to not quit. There’s no stress element in this fake soccer to make this no longer “fun”. I’m sure if he plays real soccer the same way he does right now; he’d end up quitting or kicked off the team.

This play soccer is nothing more than a dumb-downed Boy Scouts, you got your uniforms, hanging out together with other kids, and badges/trophies. The only thing missing are the things that make Boy Scouts admirable and your “fake” soccer session as just a play date are the non-common skills he could learn to earn those badges.

Your participation trophy is coddling in your case. Participation trophies are best for used for those of sub-par mental stability. Encouraging them they could be normal. Utilizing it on normal people who accomplish nothing special leads nowhere. They cannot be upgraded to be a pro soccer player. That takes effort, endless training and discipline; which are not being exhibited by your kid at the fake soccer.

Before you reply back; they’re only kids they can not do that. Remember, it was your own words in the article that is superimposing the idea they are pulling adult ideals and age old wisdom.

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