Why the Green Party Has Destroyed Itself with Jill Stein
Sasha Stone

I think I love you.

I’m disabled and have an immigrant fiance. Anyone who votes for Stein or Johnson or anyone who is not Clinton is actively telling me that not only do they not care about the environment, they do not care about the people that would suffer under a Trump administration. The sheer mental gymnastics these allegedly educated people will do to not disrupt their perception of Hillary Clinton as Beelzebub are mind-boggling.

Hillary is literally the most investigated politician in the last three decades. She’d either have to be goddamn Voldemort to still be pulling something shady, or the people investigating her for those thirty years would all have to be uniformly incompetent. Or there’d have to be a government-wide conspiracy of people pretending to hate HRC while secretly giving her a pass on doing bad things. If you believe that, I have an island to sell you.

People need to see reality. I’m just terrified that they won’t.

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