Balance or lack thereof.

I failed at the challenge of writing a blog post every day. Not sure how other people in the group are faring. But in the realization of failure, I found a new idea to blog about. No I didn’t lack ideas, just time and energy to do it. Literally. After the 12-hour work day. Getting paid for 8, driving and sitting the rest. (See why I schedule editing, writing and blogging during those times? Reading is done back and forth, audible.)

The whole of my existence seems very overwhelming. The lists of must do and need to do outweigh the want to do’s. This is not a new situation, nothing I can blame except my over anxious mind. My problem, balance. Or the extreme lack thereof. I have never been diagnosed with OCD, but let me tell you, when you go into mating socks by dinginess levels, something is off. It takes over and sometimes it’s a good thing. When I’m writing and it’s flowing and I’m typing, I don’t mind a bit of OCD. But when it comes to everyday life and things, it sometimes gets in the way.

Balance…in all things is a good idea.

If I can get my mind wrapped around the idea of the lists, planners and doing them ritually, daily, then maybe I can find balance. I don’t like my current planner. At present I have three and don’t like the layout of any of them. Only solution is to create my own, based on my life, my time frame.

What is with the 8–8 day? Who does that? My day starts at 4am, if I’m lazy, 3:30 if I slept well. And I do a bunch of stuff before I leave for work. But planners only plan for the work day. My day, my life revolves around off work hours.

House, animals, social (with the kids 😊) and of course my craft, writing and other wise. I make jewelry and scrap books and memory albums. But you know what I haven’t touched the room since my daughter moved out and my craft stuff in. Just haven’t. Lack of balance? Empty nest? Who knows.
I’m starting to use the planner and just marking through the times or writing over what this ‘section’ is and putting in my own. Currently laid out in House, Writing, other (anything not involving the other two, like the three trips a week to Wal-Mart because I forgot something) and impromptu dinner with the kids, just cause. It’s divided up like that and I strike through anything I get accomplished and moved the didn’t list to the next day. This is day two and I’ve already moved things from Monday and put them off until Wednesday, so as not to overwhelm Tuesday and feel like I accomplished nothing.

If you don’t know me well and we aren’t close, then you’re not aware that the ac unit in my house has been out since last year. So, on those 85 degree outside days, it’s that inside, even with the fans. They had to get a coil from the manufacture and just installed it last Friday. Now that’s it is breathable inside, will get back to the declutter. Moved the orchid shelf back in front of the window this morning. (see told you I do stuff before I leave the house) And I have laid out my plans for the day. This blog post this morning, edit during lunch.

Prepare an e-mail with chapters of Cold Dark Place to send to my beta reader, Elaine and actually do it.

Then tonight, after taking care of the animals, start busting through the list of dining room Declutter items.

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