FanGirl or Bust

This is my beautiful, talented, daughter Brittany. She made her wonderful Meowth costume. And has let me tag along to several conventions. We’ll get to that in a bit. First…

I have always been a fan girl. From the time, I started recording David Naughton’s tv show with an audio cassette recorder. Way back when he wanted to be a Pepper too. To the first showing of Star Wars in that theater in Chattanooga, the rocking chairs, so much fun. I sat there with my 1 year old nephew biting me on the shoulder. He had to sit on the arm rest, there wasn’t a seat, the theater was packed. I have never let him life that down.

Later getting to sit behind Mark Hamill while he signed autographs. I was privileged to be the in crowd. My mom was a waitress at the Pancake Man, he was filming ‘The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia’ and they had the autograph session there. Imagine being 13 and watching the man of your wildest teen fantasies, talk with others, sign their books and generally be just the most perfect human being you can imagine, for hours. Then my turn, I wore my favorite Luke Skywalker tv shirt, got the biggest hug and the most signatures. I was on top of the world.

My daughter hooked me up with conventions and I have enjoyed many, many fan times with her. Although not into Anime myself, I do know the folks who voices you hear and have autographs and pics with them. Great group of folks. She works a lot now, I miss those times.

Jason David Frank (Green, White, Red) of Power Ranger fame is just the most awesome person. Even under the weather he showed, signed and took pics with lots of us dedicated fans. I made my t-shirt. The front had white/green PR photos, the back said. “Jason David Frank, every mom’s reason for watching kids tv’, he got a kick out of it.

Few years back I headed to a convention, small thing, paid extra to get in early. Dirk Benedict was the main reason I went. And to see the Impala from Supernatural of course. Well careful what you wish for ladies. For the dashing Dirk of Battle Star and A-Team fame not only didn’t age well, he isn’t very nice either. He’s an ass, sorry Dirk, but just like you, we are all entitled to our opinions. And as you whined about not getting paid enough to do this and the awful Tennessee weather, I stood, took it, still a bit starry eyed to get to meet you. But you signed my book, that cost $25 and a photo, another $25 oh and here, I’ll sign my autobiography for you. Another $40. Well I remember you…oh I remember. Starbuck, not Dirk, Face, not Dirk. Live the fantasy girls, but don’t meet them. Sometimes. So far, he has been the exception, not the rule.

Oh and I’ve met a Zombie too. Nicest guy you’d ever want to.

I guess the reason all of this came about is hanging out with my nephew this week, while he’s been on vacation. We’ve always been comic book fans. And just ‘fans’ in general.

October this year a certain someone is coming to Knoxville, a town near me. Well okay, it’s like five hours but hey, it’s Michael Biehn. Chris Larabee.

Now the one thing most of you don’t know about me is that I’m a recovering addict. A fanfiction addict, slash to be exact. Now some are going to say, what is that, others are going to groan at the ‘slash’ part and some still are going to say, bring on the smut and m/m romance. Whoo hoo. I’m appealing here to the latter group. My nickname online for years has been Ladeevix. People jot down my e-mail addy, but never ask where it came from. Ladee Vix, for Vixen maybe. Snort, not likely. I must have misspelled Lady or it was taken, Nope.

Long ago, a western world away, lived a group of folks that just LOVED Magnificent Seven. We had mailing lists, fan clubs, group gatherings. The ones who love Chris Larabee were Larabee’s ladies. Those who liked Vin Tanner, were Vin’s Vixens. I could never choose between the two and was dedicated to both. Thus, the Ladeevix, combination. Now if you troll and find that awful fanfiction. Well some was okay, don’t blame me if your eyes bleed. So, October, Knoxville and Michael Biehn. I can’t wait.

Well another long day at work. Two people out today, instead of just the one. So, I got to wear three hats. So much fun. Another round tomorrow. Then the weekend.

OH, and I did clean out one dresser drawer….