My Road to Clutter Recovery

I’m sure at some point in everyone’s life they have been where I am right now. Drowning in clutter.

Walking into a room I get discouraged if I need to find anything. Forget wanting to actually do anything in that room. Piles of papers, books, knickknacks and the like crowd the shelves, counter tops and for goodness sake — do not open a cabinet door and expect to find what you are looking for.

Sudden Empty Nest Syndrome, which I will explore in future posts, has hit me hard. Living alone suddenly, after 26 years of marriage, has not been easy. Now I cook for one. I eat alone and I alone am expected to take care of the house, yard, animals, laundry, car maintenance, plumbing issues and the like. One of the many things I’ve discovered is that I don’t need 72 plastic bowls, most without lids to get me through the limited amount of cooking I do manage in a week. Five will do. The others need to be donated. Look out daughter in law, Goodwill attendants and yard sale shoppers. Things are going to get tossed.

The counters no longer need that extra ink pen, flash light or manual to a long discarded appliance tucked neatly into one of the many ‘junk collecting’ baskets taking up precious room on the counter-top. The clutter that use to mean security, you have ‘stuff’ now, is just a distraction to getting anything accomplished.

Cookie cutters, long ago bought bags of tea, mismatched pot lids. Out of date pet wormers and long dead hermit crab habitats, clutter the cabinets below until there isn’t room for anything useful.

Welcome to May. Declutter month of the year. I will go through my house, one room at a time. A full 31 days dedicated to reinventing my home and regaining my sanity in the process.

I will post each morning the results of the previous day and see if we can’t get through the journey to a new me. Slimmer in the clutter, saner in the mind. Come with me if you dare as we dig deep and discover lost treasure, Goodwill junk and maybe a spider or two. Shudder.

See you May 1st as the plan is mapped out and strategies conceived. For on Monday, we execute, toss and donate.