We Are All Losing

“You’re a loser!” he shouts at someone on the other side. “Loser, loser, loooooooooser… And you’re ugly and stupid, too!”

Mrs. Sanders grabs his hand and pulls him forward with her, her cheeks burning red and her eyes on the sidewalk. She must have already seen the man crossing the street heading towards them.

“What did you say?” The man asks the chubby boy with the wispy parting on the side.

“He didn’t mean it!” Mrs. Sanders says.

“Did, too!” The boy confirms with a wide smirk.

“What he means is that he’s unable to gauge your luck, looks, and intelligence, because you were too far away.” Mrs. Sanders explains with struggling conviction.

“Did not!” The boy says and digs something out of his nose with his finger and puts it in his mouth.

“I think you owe me an apology!” The man says to the boy.

“You’re the greatest man the world has ever seen, and I’ve always said that, and I’m usually right, I mean 110% of the time, and you’re so lucky cuz we’re gonna do great things together!” The boy rattles off with feigned enthusiasm.

They lock eyes for a moment. Then the man throws his arms in the air and walks away shaking his head.

The boy forms an L with his hand on his forehead and yells:


Suggested Music Pairing: Loser by Beck