Uno… Dos… TREES!

By the light of the silvery moon, under the shower of heaven’s tears, and by the blazing and blinding rays of the sun, swaying and dancing by the whirling winds’ melody, and the exuberant environment that surrounds me. All of these envelop my inner being and tickle my senses. The beauty of the creation which gives so much of the felicity of the other’s, rooting from the innermost layer of the earth. Tranquil. Resilient. Exquisite.Elegant. Sophisticated. Based on the bold letters, you can make up the main subject of this blog. T-R-E-E-S. Trees.

Once in June, when the dawn has bid the farewell, I was awakened by the ring of my phone. The sound of the city disturbed my pretty eardrums. It was noisy in the city. Cars and vehicles would make you feel uncomfortable to sleep and rest. The air around would eventually cause you sweats. However, the day had a good thing for me. It was the day when we were bound to get back to where life is completely peaceful, to where life has harmony. Being in the bukid is definitely an amazing experience. Tweets of birds were there. Animals of different kinds were there. Simple form of livelihood were there. Mostly, the nature’s most beautiful features were there, the trees.

Under the skies above, swaying with the music of the mountain winds, the trees have given me the perfect melody for that day. Their calmness and simplicity captured the soul of desire for rest and beauty within me. Providing me inner peace and tranquility, the trees brought me back to the haven of symphony. It was awesome to experience the beautiful creatures creating happiness for other creature. I will always be mesmerized with the beauty that is hidden within the nature’s place. Always wanting to dwell in the home of nature where ravishing trees are found and free. Because truly, in the bukid, trees are green, sturdy and they have life, they are worthy. I love the trees. They made me feel young and free.

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