Today was overall good, well at my job I shoipd say. Another ten hour shift over. I have this eating suspicion my fiancé is always lying to me. Ive caught him in a few lies before nothing serious but none the less. Lies are lies. The worst part of it is what im afraid hes lying about is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. Drugs, drugs, drugs. No matter how hard I try to pull away they pop up in my life one way or another. The only way to get away is remove everything associated right? The problem there is ill never get the truth out of him, just another lie or so I assume. Which leaves me in this quandary ; do i stay and risk the possibility or leave so I can look out for my well-being? I know it sounds like an easy decision but easier said than done. I want to live a legally clean life. To this point in my 22 years of life I’ve spent most of it paying this fine or this bail. It gets so tiring and im aware most of it is from my bad choice making skills on account of my addiction. To be or not be? Tis the question.

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