DO NOT ignore the hell in Nepal. Read this first.

I recently saw a post on the Facebook page of a friend who has a sibling who was visiting Nepal and is still missing.


I KNOW someone who KNOWS someone in Nepal?

Before this, I had allowed this earthquake to remain abstract to me. And as long as it was abstract, I didn’t have to do anything. But the minute I saw my friend’s request for prayers for their loved one, it made this global tragedy real for me. I started reading the stories and looking at those images.

Nepal is currently a hell on earth. That’s right. HELL.

In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus uses the word “Hell” about a dozen times. The original Greek translation of the word “hell” is the word “Gehenna”. It means the Valley of Hinnon, an actual place near Jerusalem. It was the city refuse dump.

As I look at some of these images of the destruction in Nepal, all I can think of is “this looks like hell”.

These people are living in a literal hell. Not the “hell” in the afterlife that us Christians have been trying to convince the world is “punishment” if you don’t accept our understanding of God.

The difference between these images is that the first few are real while this last image above is an artistic impression.

No one should be able to argue the existence of the hell in those first few images. The images tell all you need to see.

I bring up the Christian version of hell because I know another Sunday will roll around and pastors will preach their typical “hell” insurance policy sermons and warn people of a coming doom if they don’t change their ways, and there will be no mention of the hells on earth, like this one, that people are currently experiencing.

We can do something about this hell on earth. We can give to the relief efforts. We don’t have to show up, we don’t’ have to send them clothes because that creates logistical nightmares to distribute, but we can send money to organisations that are structured to provide these services.

I found a great website that tells you different ways you can give to the relief efforts in Nepal through social media platforms like Facebook. Please don’t ignore this hell on earth. Please give. You just might save someone from eternal anguish.