In case you have never heard of it, be sure to check an amazing extension for Chrome (and Firefox) called Toby.

Toby let’s you organize your browser tabs into Toby so you can access key resources in one click. And you can sync your lists using an account or use it for teams as well! So whenever you log into your browser, you’ll have your “bookmarks” on steroids.

If you ended-up here it probably means you already know how useful this extension is and you use Opera as your secondary browser (because of free VPN etc.) …

You decided you want to translate a video and offer your visitors a transcript — a text alternative. First thing that may come to your mind is to do this manually, getting rid of the timings and line numbers.

Don’t do it.

Fortunately, there is an easy way no matter what OS you are using. The steps I will walk you through in a minute are replicable and practically the same for any OS, you just need to download an alternative software, because in this short tutorial, I am using Subtitle Edit (for Windows).

How to extract plain text from .srt

  1. Download Subtitle Edit (,
  2. Open…

You should stop reading articles that tell you what should be doing.

How about for a moment you stopped looking for solutions outside of yourself?

How about just for THIS moment you would tap into how it feels to trust yourself?

You can’t go wrong. You can only perceive that experience / action as wrong. Or right.

What if all the advice on the internet is just someone else’s belief. A perspective. Not a solid reality. Why don’t you choose what you want to believe for yourself. By yourself.

Consider this and know that:

Ladislav Šulc

Full Stack Designer.

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