5 Myths about Lip Injections That You Shouldn’t Believe

Kelsey Ladlie
Dec 15, 2017 · 2 min read

Lip injectables have been recognized as a safe and effective treatment to make the lips look fuller and beautiful. Along with facial fillers, they can improve the contouring in the sunken areas of the face and correct existing asymmetries. However, there is still a lot of stigma around cosmetic procedures including temporary injectables and fillers. Despite the advances made in this field, it can be surprising to know about the myths related to these treatments. Here, some of these myths are debunked to clear your doubts:

Myth 1: If Something Goes Wrong, The Results Can’t Be Reversed.

There are some fillers like calcium hydroxylapatite and poly-l-lactic acid that may take a longer time to break down. However, if you opt for HA or Hyaluronic acid fillers that are recommended by the dermatologist, you need not worry about the results going wrong. These procedures make your looks natural. If you are not satisfied, the dermatologist can inject an eraser enzyme to dissolve the filler. You only need to wait for the time until the swelling goes down.

Myth 2: Lip Injections Are for Old People.

In many cases, injectables are used for treating the effects of aging but, it does not mean that younger people can’t opt for this procedure. In fact, people of all ages can use fillers to enhance their smile and slow down the physical and visible signs of aging.

Myth 3: Lip Injectables And Fillers Will Stretch Your Lips Forever.

Well, this is again a myth that you should never believe. When HA fillers are injected into the skin, they induce collagen production. As a result, even after the natural enzymes of your body start dissolving the fillers, the remaining part of fillers thickens the dermis of your skin. Hence, your lips do not deflate after some time. In this regard, you should choose the best fat injection specialist in Denver CO.

Myth 4: Lip Injections Do Not Look Natural.

Many people believe that they can easily tell if someone has used fillers. This is not true. Here, the difference between natural looking and artificial looking fillers is caused due to the inefficiency of treatment. It is advisable to do proper homework and choose an experienced fat injection specialist in Denver CO. Mostly, the effectiveness of result depends on the technique and not on the type of filler used.

Myth 5: This Treatment Is for People with Thin Lips and Fills Out the Round Face.

If your face is already round, you may doubt that fillers will simply fill it out more than required. However, you can use specialized fillers that target specific areas of the face to enhance the lips without affecting other features. Also, it is believed that lip injections are meant for people with thin lips only. The truth is that people with asymmetrical features, disproportionate lips, cracked lips, and turned down corners also opt for these procedures.

These are some myths that we’ve tried to debunk in this article. You should make an informed decision after consulting an experienced specialist about your individual features and requirements.