Inspiring a New Generation to Defy the Bounds of Innovation: A Moonshot to Cure Cancer
Joe Biden (Archives)

My beautiful daughter Isabella, is still fighting a JPA brain tumor. She was diagnosed with this brain tumor in March of 2010. As I write this we are preparing for an appointment with her Nuerosurgeon due to new cyst growth. Years of chemo and surgeries and she is still not cured. My precious mother coincidentially died of a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor 2 years prior to Isabella’s diagnosis. The two are supposedly not related, but two brain tumors in two females in the same family does cause one to wonder.

Please, our family has had enough financially and more importantly, emotionally. My marriage fell apart due to the stress of these tumors. My daughter, now 13, is in therapy. It has been a long road.

Funding is crucial. We must find a cure.

I would not wish this on my worst enemy. We have to stop it.

Thank you.

LaDonna — Isabella’s mom and Betty’s Daughter.