Creating a user-friendly Fuel Management Report

Fuel management is a big issue for regional Victoria. As one of the most fire-prone areas in the world, the government is required to share their yearly Fuel Management Report with the public. Bushfires can have disastrous effects on communities and understanding what measures have been taken to reduce risk is a key part of protecting Victorian residents in bushfire prone areas.

The fuel management report is a yearly initiative from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). Previously, the document was static, only accessible through download and difficult to interpret due to the design and large amount of complex data.

Ladoo worked with DELWP, over a short time-frame, to build an end-to-end website that communicated the findings of the report in a visually accessible way. We created a design that allows the user to view the report and contextual information in one place, without leaving the website. The design was built into the existing Squiz Matrix instance with modules that reflect a content hierarchy based on the report’s important findings.

The new site needed to clearly convey the outcomes from the report, including key findings, while staying consistent with the overall DELWP brand. The timing around the project was important, as the fuel management report is a yearly requirement for the department.

Ladoo’s User Experience team designed the website so users could easily interpret the report’s findings, utilising data, interactive infographics and JavaScript maps. It was important that future reports could maintain the look and feel of the DEWLP website family, so our team made sure the template was flexible and easy for content creators to edit.

Our experience working with their team on previous launches helped us create and build a design that improved the overall user experience and site navigation.

Stay tuned to see more of our work with the wonderful DELWP team in future or contact us to find out more.

Connecting the dots between Strategy, Experience and Technology.

Connecting the dots between Strategy, Experience and Technology.