How standing desks increased our collaboration

Ladoo is a digital agency based in Melbourne. Our skills range from User Experience design and Web Development, to website hosting. Collaboration is key to how we work — with our clients and each other.

In January 2017, we fitted our office with stand-up desks. Nathan Cram, Ladoo’s Managing Director, had been interested in the benefits of standing desks for some time and was curious to see what impact they would have.

As a company Ladoo prioritises the health of its team. We offer free gym membership as a part of employment and provide healthy options in the lunchroom for snacks. Investing in standing desks was a no-brainer for Nathan.

What he didn’t bargain for was how the standing desks would facilitate team collaboration and culture. ‘The team are hard workers and sometimes people sit at their desks with their headphones on all day, just getting the job done. Now we are standing up the office space has opened up. People are connecting and collaborating on projects in a much more dynamic way.’

It’s not just Nathan who has noticed the difference; Salman Ahmed, Ladoo’s Senior Systems Engineer, has noticed a difference in the way he works. ‘If someone comes over to discuss a project, it’s easier and more convenient to stand together and talk than for one person to sit down while the other stands, that’s pretty awkward.’

He’s also noticed a difference in his health, ‘my lower back would often get sore after sitting down in the office all day and I find that standing up has helped reduce this. I’ve also found that standing up after lunch increases my concentration’.

So far the standing-desks have been a hit in the Ladoo office, so much so, that we race to stand up in the morning.

Has your office implemented a new piece of technology that has significantly impacted your culture or space? Tell us, we’re always looking out for new gadgets to increase our productivity and collaboration.




Connecting the dots between Strategy, Experience and Technology.

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Connecting the dots between Strategy, Experience and Technology.

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