Make the most of your vendor relationship

Government technology decision makers are often stretched between innovation and the need to manage risk. With innovation driving change in government, regulatory compliance is unavoidable.

Every technology decision is coloured by this tension and can present challenges for even experienced IT teams.

Living with legacy systems

Very few technology projects in government stand alone. These complex organisations manage an enormous range of systems and services, often with varying levels of digitisation. IT teams manage a range of databases, proprietary and in-house tools and systems, massive amounts of data and multiple stakeholders. With all these moving parts even a simple website needs to be approached with integration in mind.

To avoid the pitfalls and support your IT team, its key is to partner with providers who understand the limitations of your legacy systems and can work with your internal teams to leverage opportunities.

Flexibility for future-proofing

From responsive design to Elasticsearch, every decision and implementation has consequences for future teams. In an environment of rapid change, the key is to be aware of what’s available, understand your technology and policy constraints and build for a world that is guaranteed to keep changing, at an increasing rate. While looking for the best solution, how do you avoid being locked into systems and tools that will keep you trapped and prevent you taking advantage of the next best thing for your agency?

Vendor as partner

The right provider can play the role of a partner. At Ladoo we are across the latest developments in new technology so you don’t have to be. A technology partner can stand beside you as you navigate the ever-changing technology terrain, with custom solutions to provide a bridge between existing and new systems. Our aim is to be a vendor who works with you — not just for you — and we help you connect the dots with an understanding of the present and an eye to the future.

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