The value of User Experience workshops

At Ladoo we love to keep our workshops colourful and interactive

When we meet a new client our first task is understanding their needs and goals. This helps us create strategic solutions that make their lives better.

When developing websites it’s important to understand who the users are and what they need.

We ask ourselves and our clients some important questions:

Who are they?

What do they need and how can we deliver this in a better, more effective way?

At the heart of these questions is the desire to provide solutions that are user centric, based on customer feedback and data.

What is User Experience and why does it matter?

Anyone who engages with your digital presence can be considered a user of your service. Generally, websites cater to a variety of people with different needs; from internal staff creating content, to members of the general public trying to find specific information.

Once we understand what the goals are, the next step is to run a series of workshops to help define the key requirements. This means understanding the audience, mapping their journey and ensuring that the content and resources they need are readily available.

How can you engage in a valuable User Experience workshop?

1. Engage real people to take part — ensure they represent a cross section of the internal and external stakeholders.

2. Get creative — don’t be afraid to speak up and draw if you need to. Our team are experienced workshop facilitators so we’ll pose questions that make you think and push you to step into other user’s shoes.

3. Stay away from solutions — we’re trying to understand the pain points, needs and problems you are experiencing, solving them will come later. For now, just dig deep and help us understand the bigger picture.

4. Ask questions — understanding user needs sometimes means asking difficult questions. These can include:

What is most important to us?

What is most important to our customers?

Do these two things align?

What comes next?

We run workshops during the discovery phase of a project to gather information and data before we start designing a solution. Being involved means you have the opportunity to contribute ideas and your experience to the process, but it also provides you with insight into your customers and stakeholder’s needs.

After the workshopping process, we will use your feedback to create prototypes of the solution, testing our initial designs and wireframes with external users. After all, these are the people we are working so hard to help and their feedback is essential to creating an amazing solution.

Want to find out more about User Experience and how we run workshops at Ladoo? Contact us.

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