Transitioning from Google Site Search and Google Search Appliance

As Google phases out Google Site Search and Google Search Appliance, we’ve been fielding questions from clients about the best way to manage the transition.

Google Site Search contracts will be winding up this year and rolling into the company’s Custom Search Engine (a free, advertising supported service). The challenge for many organisations facing this transition is the lack of enterprise support and the addition of advertising in their website search, both of which may damage brand credibility and impact site navigation.

This follows the phasing out of Google Search Appliance licenses, a device supported by Google partners, who would integrate the appliance’s search with customer document archives, applications, and websites.

With Google’s decision not to support these products after 2018 (and 2019 in some cases) companies are left looking for alternative search options that will provide enterprise support and functionality. Having utilised these products ourselves, we are sad to see them go and stress the need for businesses to migrate to an enterprise-ready product that doesn’t lock them into a single provider.

We believe in offering best-fit advice for our clients and that means sharing our concerns about investing in proprietary technology that isn’t flexible and restricts your access. This is why we suggest Elasticsearch as an enterprise solution. Elasticsearch is a flexible, open source search alternative that doesn’t include advertising in your service and has a range of paid support and configuration options.

Elasticsearch is supported by Elastic built on Lucene. It’s powerful, fast and can adapt to index any piece of data. Slack, Facebook, Seek, and are just some of the big brands who currently use the platform to make their users lives easier.

What do you need to know about Elasticsearch?

· Migration is simple and straight forward.

· It’s a turn-key solution that’s possible to configure to your needs.

· It’s open source so you won’t be locked into a system with a single provider.

· Ladoo can integrate additional systems (such as web crawlers).

· We’ve developed an easy to use API for front end development.

Ladoo’s Elasticsearch specialists are experienced in customising and modifying the system to fit with our clients search requirements, whether it’s increasing speed or adding synonym and geo-based search options.

We’ve recently worked on a number of Elasticsearch migration projects including the Monash Open Day Planner, where we integrated the system with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software Salesforce.

If you are currently using Google Site Search or Google Search Appliance and would like to discuss an alternative enterprise solution, we’d love to talk to you.

You can also head to our website to learn more about how we’ve helped solve some of our clients problems with Elasticsearch.

Connecting the dots between Strategy, Experience and Technology.

Connecting the dots between Strategy, Experience and Technology.