For the Painter Jeila Farzaneh

Peter Mishler

Beside the harbor,
beside its sea,
beside its snow
that dissolves
when it falls
onto the surface
of the sea,
you can hear
the municipal waste
as it gathers
in the woods:
the siennas, alizarins
and cornelians
of trash
amassing there
among the snow
and pines.
The waste
blows loose
into the harbor
and it carries snow
onto the sea:
for a silver age,
preemptive peace.
And snow falls
onto the face
of a child
who stands beside,
about to open
his mouth.
Out comes
the sound
of silverware
washed in a sink:
music you heard
from a window
you stood beneath
in a courtyard
when you were small.

Peter Mishler lives in Kansas City, and has other new work forthcoming in Prelude Magazine.

Ladowich Magazine is available in the Apple Newsstand — — offering just enough poetry and one longread a month. This poem appears in issue four, arriving at the end of August.

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