With Rousseau

Michael Loughran

  1. Look at this painting with the better-than leaves!

2. “I suffered,” says the other one in his Confessions, “but beyond this there was nothing.”
“I shut myself in my room,” he says. And later: “I picked fruit.”

3. This one was best at plant life and shoulders,

4. “Every life’s a hinge,” somebody says.
Ideas pile. Some’s advice.

5. Better play your Iggy Pop records at volume, little man!
“I was most impressed…” he says. And later: “No one else was impressed…”

6. Better think about paintings!
Flowers of his invention, half asters and half daisies,
vibrantly dead or vibrant in death or just vibrant.

7. Let’s say vibrant.


Michael Loughran has other new poems at The Awl and West Branch Wired.

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