Intent Recognition and Customer Experience are the future for chatbots. Smart conversational AI agents are the new advancements in chatbots that helps predict customers needs based on their past conversations, purchase or browsing behaviours.

Conversational Agent: A More Assertive Form of Chatbots
Conversational Agent: A More Assertive Form of Chatbots
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Over the course of the last few years, advancements in AI have seized the larger public imagination and have led to the universal adoption of AI-powered assistants. However, this expeditious pace of change and innovation is accompanied by rising dubiety over the direction of the technology and how it is going to impact society.

Despite this, the general consensus is that improving the potential of computers to interact with humans in a more natural way is important for the AI-human relationship to bloom further.

AI has altered the communication environment at an unprecedented pace. These not only include radical changes to the media industry but also involves the partners that we communicate with. …

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Artificial Intelligence

Let’s dig into how AI will bring disruptive change in the banking and financial sector, and what will it mean for the customers.

Despite the fact that the banking and financial sectors already use the newest technologies to carry out operations in a safer and simpler way, their employees still have to juggle with loads of paperwork.

These are time-intensive and repetitive tasks that should find no place in the modern workspace. Not only do they cause an increase in operational costs, but they also harm the general employee productivity, which results in the setting up of the foundation for increased human error.

AI can solve these problems and mitigate these error-prone human processes.

Artificial intelligence minuses menial tasks and improves the way banks impose their regulatory controls. They offer a great opportunity for employees to spend more time on creative, critical tasks for instance providing customers with great and customized services or even explore new ways to increase client satisfaction. …

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Let me start off by saying that these points are something that make

sense to me. I feel I have embodied them during my early days of product development at Acquire. Having made some modifications here and there over time, I still preach them to my team. Some of these points might not be news to you, but that’s okay, their purpose is to simply remind you of the best practices that every product manager should follow to make their success graph steeper.

I hope you find this of actionable value.

1. Know that first things first

Know that a not-so-good product can’t be saved — even by the greatest of marketing or sales endeavors. …


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