America Is Addicted to Fake News
Chad Allen Zollinger

Awesome post! 😁😁 !!! Yes! I am way too excited about this post… !!! Therefore…I apologize for my upcoming rant. But ya hit me in my current weak spot. Well. One.

Story time!

I’ve been working on a piece very similar to this topic, just a little different angle and all that junk. Well… working is a strong word… BUT! Somehow, what you wrote has managed to light the fire in me when I’ve been trying to “light it” for months 🤔 …

My article/essay began formulating months ago when I tried to explain to my grandma (a million times🙊) that…

No. Not Facebook, Fox News… nope, not even CNN are ACTUAL “news outlets” with reliable information … 😱

… My speaking engagement with her didn’t get me far. But hey! I’m not a great “speaker” 🤐😕 (I say to myself buying time)… Then comes in the, ‘HOPE IS NOT LOST! For, remember, self! You are a professional research/writer and can share this without speaking!!’ 🤔(? I don’t know if that’s really possible BUT)

Then my brain chimes in with:

“YEP! GOT IT! You should make this your “big” monthly feature piece! Now go forth, and make this into an article or essay and watch as it opens the eyes of millions; all starting with grandma!!” 🌟🙊

Despite having my facts, stats, notes all organized neatly very quickly, and all that fun stuff, I somehow just could not locate a place to start that worked 😖🙄

So, of course, I’ve been putting it off. 👏

I claim my work will always maintain vital information people need to know, while I’m happy to say I think I manage that much at least, but it is because of YOUR POST I am going to get this written today. If you read this, this means the world to me…and I owe you.

(Minor note here…for anyone reading this still: most of my writing is random on Medium, so none this won’t be popping up here… I actually started this to do creative writing, but…left turn? Oh hell; I don’t have know either. BUT!

You reminded me why it’s important to get this piece finished. You also did so ij a beautifully written manner I must say. And for it all… I truly thank you.

The two major reasons…

Numero uno, for doing the above mentioned! 💙 Numero dos!…MASSIVE THANK YOU!! for giving me the perfect piece to send my grandma!!!!! 👏😄😃😃

Sorry for the novel, many thanks if you even read this… Keep up the good work! 🌟🙃