Regarding Abortion Science :)

I have to write a quick note as I’ve not the time right now to write anything longer, only to say in response to the anti-lifers, the true ones, the ones who are against abortion, support false information… Want an example? For example, they want women to believe breast cancer and abortion are linked despite there being NO evidence. However, being that there is no evidence at all which links breast cancer to abortion (except that which they create; look at the sources, who is respected and who is independent?) the American Cancer Society (ACS) has spoken out on and assured women as well that no, abortion does not cause a higher risk of any form of cancer, including breast cancer. It’s called a FEAR TACTIC desperate anti’s use. Anyway, so, the ACS, for ‘this crime’ if you look at whom anti-groups tell their followers not to support (because gods forbid, some one think for themselves :| ) is… SHOCKINGLY ENOUGH! the American Cancer Society! And the ACS is listed as an organization not to support because they don’t support “REAL SCIENCE”… I could go on and have articles on this I’ll link as soon as I’m at a computer… But my point is, this is but one example of their falsifying facts trying to scare women into going against their nature. Against all nature; from humans to animals. (Another blog and video!)

It’s interesting to me how anti’s always try and blame anything but facts and reality for their lack of evidence to back up their personal opinion. But opinion and fact do not mix so they have their own “sources” and anything not in agreement with these ‘findings’ is supportive of ‘sinful science’ or ‘corrupt science’ and thus is a killer.

Abortion is not murder. Furthermore, it is none of the people’s business but they try to lie, demean and harass women, kill, stalk or harass clinic staff, spread false information and find a willing doctor (note: a willing; going up against global, respected, professional scientific data and research) to try and control women. Sadly some women become brain washed, and that’s one reason I’m here. I speak out on this topic passionately on YouTube and my website.

Given that banning abortion causes the loss of the POTENTIAL and developing life AND too often the loss of the ACTUAL LIVING FEMALE HUMAN BEING’S LIFE, if anti’s were so ‘pro-life’ they’d not want to see both taken when it can so easily be prevented.

Banning abortion does not make rates of abortions go down, this is well known. It only rises women’s death rate. Pro-life huh?

I do not tolerate anti-lifers here or anywhere. They do not use logic, they are not kind to others and I don’t have a reason to argue online as it’s a waste of time, and I have research and work to go through to support my beliefs; so if possible I do block or ignore. Call if what you will, but I encourage people to follow my abortion YouTube page and website both of which I’ll link up probably today when online. They can argue their lies and with people willing to argue with them all they’d like; I’ve got better things to do…and sadly for them, despite my two abortions, no, their words do not hurt me. They fuel me to fight even more though; for sharing truth, saving REAL lives not potential ones, and letting women decide if abortion is right or not based on ACTUAL FACTS; not lies.

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