So figure out how much you need and then build a life you don’t want to escape from.
13 Ways to Get Your Grip On Life Back
Niklas Goeke

Thank you!!! I am way more open to your suggestions because of this seemingly simple belief. It is so frustrating not having others understand I need little sleep to work; 3–4 hours is prime and sometimes I don’t do that for 24 hours… I know we need to sleep for health but as you said, figure out for yourself… I wish more writers on these topics were like you because I spent too many years trying and failing trying to force myself into the 8 hour cookie cutter mold…which leaves me depressed and groggy. After the must work during the day, 8 hour sleep, blah blah blah, I’d find myself more lost and annoyed than anything… SO! All that to say… Thank you for realizing we are individuals not robots.

Some of us, anyway! :)

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