Hungry for more.
Esther Anegbe

Dear Esther (what a beautiful name and what history behind that name), I am so happy to know a young person who is anchored in Grace. I could tell you my stories about the really Amazing Grace of God. I thank Him daily for the Grace that He has given me and all of us-not that we deserve it, but that He loves us so much and He provides us that Grace.

I truly understand that hunger you speak of-its like a basic need that you have but cant quite put your finger on it and nothing else will satisfy that hunger. When you discover what it is you need and you get it, you become satisfied. Prayer is the answer and waiting on the will of God gets you there. Sometimes you must walk through valleys or climb mountains or fell as if you have lost your way, but if you stay in the Word and believe with all of your heart in a Savior who gave it all for you , that Amazing Grace appears and your find the answer to your hunger. It was right there all of the time, but your Grace had not appeared.

That’s why “Amazing Grace has always been my song of praise. For it was Grace that bought my liberty.” If you give that song a place in your heart, and stay in His will, you will feed your hunger at all times. Thank you for touching my heart.

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