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Fred, give me a break! Trump, like all stupid conservatives and white people who believe they are the superior race, try very hard to believe that ALL Black people are poor, dumb and on welfare. There are pockets of all races who live in squalor and are deprived of good quality education. The big difference is that because people of color were denied so much for so long, it has taken and is taking generations to dig themselves out of the box they were placed in for such a long time.

You, Donald Trump and others like you tell yourselves and any who will listen to you, that the only Black persons you really see are the ghetto dwellers who have been assigned by society to personal hells that many cannot escape, and are the only Black people you acknowledge. When super intellects comes on the public stage (the Obamas) you try with all the intellect you can muster to tell yourselves that they are not legitimate. You try to deny them, make them disappear, assign them a different culture or search diligently for some way to erase them from the minds of all who really know that these Black people are really your superior in intellect and achievement.

So give me another break and sing your pathetic song to someone who will buy your denied acknowledgement about a race of people who have overcome and are overcoming the cruelty of a wicked society that have verbally, physically, mentally and morally abused a race of human beings for centuries and some are attempting to continue these same kinds of abuses.

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