A real job?!

So we all get it when we work in hospitality, the patronising customers who assume you can only be in this trade because you are a student and are just using hospitality as a stop gap job. And yes a lot of our staff may be students, but there is also a good number who have found themselves in hospitality because they are freaking awesome at it and that’s where there passion lies. However, this is a little far fetched for some people to understand.

I just find it baffling why customers think its ok to assume that hospitality cannot be a real job. If it’s not a real job am I just a figment of their imagination getting them imiganary food and drink. If people want to go out to restaurants/bars/coffee shops…there has got to be employees. If I get a pay check every month from this, I’m pretty sure it’s a real job.

I would probably go so far as to say that working in hospitality is potentially one of the realest jobs out there, what other jobs are out there where you live off one meal a day or whatever you can shove in your face in a 2 minute break, are up on your feet for sometimes a good 15 hours straight or more, a job that makes you multi-task, learn how to read and deal with people, communication skills and so much more. I’ve spent my share of time working in offices and doing accounting and even spent some time teaching. However, working in hospitality I think I have learnt more valuable life skills.

The number of people that will be all “how do remember all those cocktails off the top of your head” Well that would be because I’m awesome at my job and have to learn all these things. Yet they can turn around and call bartending and waiting, not a real job. But apparently sitting in an office drinking tea and eating cake all day, in between bits of paperwork, counts as a real job. Go figure!

So no, we may not be saving lives or making the most money out there, but we are still people making an honest wage. To all of you not in the trade, next time you go to a restaurant a bar or whatever, just show the people serving you a little appreciation. You may be surprised the little extra attention and service they will give you, just by the way you treat them. And to all of you in the trade you rock!

tending bar is an art, a form of creativity. let no one tell you otherwise