City Classified Women’s Weezie Perforated Faux Suede Cowboy Low Stacked Heel Ankle Booties

Ok so, I don’t know if its just me that got leather boots instead of faux suede?? Anyway its not a big deal.. Its a nice shoe all in all except that its not suede.

So its a pointy toe boots, I have a flat foot but its narrow enough for my foot and there was no discomfort.

The heel was a nice touch, its just right for an everyday boot during the cold months. Well, I know I would wear it constantly this coming fall and winter I’m a little excited about that actually. :)

I got the size 5 and it was just right, there was no wiggle room but it was fine. If you have slightly long or narrow foot you might want to consider ordering a size bigger or a half size bigger.

I received this product for free or at a discounted price. In exchange for my honest opinion.


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