From what I remember from nephew explaining to me how to play the game.. here’s what I gathered :)

So its a memory game, and each gigamons have special powers and you will try to match the cards with their powers. If that’s right..I guess.. :)

My nephew loves this game.. he said its not really a long game to play or mostly it depends on the players. It a great game, very unique and it really engages little minds and not just mostly playing.

There are cards and little square pictures and small green chips for every player. Just remember to not let young kids roam around while playing this because there are small parts. Lastly, the quality is nice. The cards are not thin, and its not easy to fold or crumple so I think this game set would last for a long time which is a plus. Well just don’t misplace the parts or else its gonna be impossible to play the game again.

I received this product for free or at a discounted price. In exchange for my honest opinion.

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