Fitglam Pure Silk Sleep Mask + Gel Mask Set

Hello hello hello everyone..

My review for today is the “Fitglam pure silk sleep mask + gel mask set”. So first of all, I couldn’t sleep without an eye mask on, well mainly because my husband likes to turn on the light every time he gets up. And I am just so sensitive to light and it would wake me up.

Some of the mask that I tried are somewhat flimsy and not really helpful at all on blocking the light. Anyway, this gel mask comes with silk blind fold which is soooooo soft! and it feels like its hugging my face! :)) The gel eye mask goes underneath the silk mask is just sooooooo soothing! seriously!! I LOVE IT!

And one more thing, it comes with a pair of earplugs! Its seriously like a relaxation package in all in one. So the question is.. would I recommend it??

Well if you read my review above, you already know the answer to that! :) YES YES YES! y’all can buy it on the link posted below..



I received this product for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest review.