Living the Life of a Depressed Introvert

I realize most will scroll on by this post, simply because most are seeking positive. They have enough negative of their own, why read someone else’s. However for those few that do stop to read, know that I don’t claim to be a professional writer and I tend to ramble.

Now where to start? Maybe a introduction of sorts?

Hello World,

Welcome to mine, I’m a Depressed Introvert. Yes it seems my craziness has a name. I was born and raised in a small country, southern town in Tennessee. I’m still there I might add. I’m the oldest child of a broken family or as some say “The product of a broken marriage.” I’m knocking on the door of fifty living in a body of a seventy year old. Stuck in the rut of a dead end factory job. I could ramble on but you get the jest of it.

Now on with the rest…

Living the Life of an Introvert in an Extroverted world is hard in itself. When you add Depression to the mix, well let’s say it’s down right impossible to survive in the world of today. Actually it’s felt that way my entire life, impossible.

I’ve always been labeled weird, shy, quiet, or here’s a good one “backwards” (a relative called me that one). I’ve never understood why I get labels like these just because I’m different from the crowd. Nor do I understand why I should change to fit into the “normal” crowds. I mean it’s not like I can flip a switch. Its who I am not the way I chose. Believe me I’ve tried countless times to be outgoing, unsuccessfully I might add. My life has been basically a life of struggle and disappointment. Finally, after countless research, I’ve come to peace with being an Introvert. I am who I am, love me or leave.

Depression is a serious disease and I’ve struggled with it all my life. Turns out I was born with another serious disease, Thyroid disease. Depression is a major problem with this thyroid condition. So I’m trying to accept the fact that I’ll be dealing with depression the remainder of my life. I’m failing miserably with this one.

You see I’ve lost countless jobs due to spiraling into “the hole” as I call it. I now find myself there yet again, in “the hole” with another job on the line. Being my age, poor health, and living in a small area with factories as the main source of survival this is bad. I’ve once again found myself with no friends. My family, one in particular, is again saying things like “snap out of it!”

So where is all this going you ask. I guess I’m saying, don’t be quick to judge others. Don’t insist that everyone has to be like you to be a part of your world. Don’t ignore the signs of depression, it could mean someone’s life. Accept its a disease and learn how to help not belittle.

Keep me in your prayers as I struggle to climb out of “the hole” yet again.

written by ladybugs

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