I’m Breaking Up With A Simple Life
Jamie Varon

Great article.

I think it has to be a blend of the two ideologies; minimalizing the trivial details in an effort to focus on big picture things (and what determines trivial and big picture differ on a case by case basis). For example, having a minimalist wardroble so that less time is spent on what to wear everyday and more time can be put into “bigger picture” things, like prepping myself for a day at the office. In a situation like that I can really relate; even with an abundance of clothes in the closet, food in the pantry and clutter in the house I still feel like I have nothing to wear, nothing interesting to eat and the need to redecorate. When I do end up “purging”, there’s such a sense of tranquility that I feel like I can focus on all the things that I really want to focus on. I feel more productive. Obviously, what I consider trivial may not be for someone else, but I feel like if we adopted both principles in the appropriate areas of life it could really help to bring a healthy balance in life. And what needs to be minimalized and what needs to be maximized are only something that each person can determine for their own life.

Your article was very timely and well written!

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