Theory of Practice

Inspired and braving everyday with some sort of vigor, I have figured out two things that could change the pace of growth in your life:

  1. Say “YES” to the things that scare you. Say yes to the meeting with the person you’ve never had coffee with; say yes to the career you’ve been putting off; say yes to trying something new every day.
  2. Tackle the tough problems. I just re-immersed myself in programming and I’ve found myself solving a lot of problems easily, but that’s because I have been tackling problems that I know I can solve. I’ve been delaying the areas that I do not know as well. My goal is to tackle a problem area that I do not know as well, every day, and attempt solving a problem from every area.

I think if you can put focus and energy on these things at the right time, you would be surprised at what you can truly accomplish.

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