Top Advantages of Using Fabric Organic Dye

Imagine the world without any color. We all know when we imagine the world without colors the image of black and white movies comes up to our mind where everything seems to be dull and lifeless. Just like that, a world without colorful clothes seems dull and lifeless as well. If we check our history, then we will find that the first recorded mention of fabric dyes dated back to 2600 BC. In the historic period, the dyes were made by mixing natural pigments with water and oil to color the clothes. These same dyes are used to paint on the walls of the caves.

Nowadays, 90% of the clothes are dyed synthetically and naturally. Using chemical dying has lots of disadvantages such as environment degradation and several skin problems to workers if not handled carefully. That’s why most of the people are going green and using organic dye instead of chemical dyes.

As per the name, organic or natural dyes comes from nature. In the other words, it is extracted from the sources found in nature such as plants, minerals, and insects. But you need to know about some pros of organic dyes before using it in your business. 
There are several advantages of using an organic fabric dyeing spray but only a few of them are given below:

Minimum environment impact: as you know the natural dyes comes from natural resources so it doesn’t harm the environment in any way. This feature of natural dyes makes it more appealing to the consumer. Apart from these natural dyes are biodegradable and don’t cause any pollution when you dispose of them.

Price: Clothes colored with organic dyes could be sold at the higher price because some sensitive skinned people could have come allergy from the synthetic dye which can lead to skin irritation or rashes. So, they prefer using organically dyed clothes. Chemical dyes have the tendency to fade away after few washes but organic dye does not spread and fade after several washes.

Diversity: Organic dyes have high diversity and rich glow. The different natural colors go well together and rarely clash with each other. By using natural dye, you will get beautiful and unexpected results.

Time: The main benefit of using natural dye is that they are cheap, readily available and less time-consuming application. In addition to that, they are safe to use and are eco-friendly as well. If you want a soft hue or soothing shade then natural dye can help you to achieve that.

Organic dyes are unique and have a special place in clothes market. Most natural dyes are known as antioxidants. Natural dyes have a higher observation rate that leaving lower residues making it much more environment friendly. Unlike synthetic dyes, fabric organic dye doesn’t contain heavy metals that makes one of the best eco-friendly dyes in the market.

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